Peggy L. Hair

Seventh & Eighth Grade English Teacher, Department Chair

Appointed in 2002

My initial impression of St. George was one of warmth and care. I love the kids, the small classes and the parent involvement. My fellow teachers and I are all about the kids.

I love to read. I enjoy running and basketball (especially the Spurs). Because my father was in the military, I started school in England and attended three elementary schools, two middle schools, and three high schools.

As a teacher, I bring experience, common sense, and a love of both teaching and learning. I have taught 6th grade through 12th grade English, but my favorite group is middle school. Learning about our language can be exciting, and my students and I explore its history and evolution including its majesty and its abuses. We learn to use our language effectively in writing and speaking and realize what a powerful tool we have. We approach our literature with both humor and seriousness from Homer and Sophocles, to Shakespeare and Orwell and many more contemporary authors. My students teach me something new every year as I endeavor to uncover their strengths and interests. English class at St. George is a great place to be!


  • Master of Education in Secondary Education, Universtiy of Texas-Austin, 1993
  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, University of Texas-Austin, 1979

Professional Experience

  • Teacher, St. George Episcopal School, San Antonio, TX, 2002-present
  • Consultant, Jostens Learning Corporation, 1987-1991
  • Teacher, Porter Middle School, 1984-1986
  • Teacher, Bedicheck Junior High, 1982-1984
  • Teacher, Del Valle High School, 1979-1981

Certifications, Awards, Associations

  • GT certified; English language & literacy study