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School Counselor

St. George Episcopal School is an independent Episcopal day school with a vision to empower servant leaders with wisdom, courage, faith, and love to make a positive impact locally and globally. St. George provides an exceptional academic, physical, creative, and spiritual development for students in an inclusive Christian community. We seek to cultivate love, curiosity, and respect for God, self, and others. St. George serves approximately 530 students from early childhood through 8th grade. We have three sections of most grade levels, with an average class size ranging from 18-20. 


St. George Episcopal School focuses on developing a community that nurtures the whole child and equips each child with the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference in the world. Our curriculum is integrated and aligned in a way that infuses the best of traditional and innovative research based learning practices. We seek to develop student inquiry, critical thinking, dialogue, and collaboration, so they are prepared for success in premier high school programs in San Antonio and around the country. Our program has multiple opportunities in athletics, fine arts, and community service which compliment our academic program and offer leadership opportunities and nurtures each student. We are grounded in our Episcopal Identity and celebrate each person as a unique child of God with many gifts and talents to offer. 



Masters degree from an accredited college or university in counseling or a related field; State certification, license, or endorsement preferred (LPC, LPC-A, LPC-S); experience in child and/or adolescent counseling.  Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in written and oral expression; ability to relate effectively and compassionately with other administrators, teachers, operations staff, parents, students, and other school constituent groups and individuals. The school counselor will model and articulate the school's commitment to the overall health and well being of the community, in particular the student community, and especially as it relates to mental health and well being. 


Purpose: to serve as a primary counseling resource for school administration and school families.


Accountability: reports to the Head of School 

Designation: instructional 

Status: exempt 

Calendar: school 

Hours: various 


With respect to the Head of School and administration, the School Counselor: 

  • Manages all student files relating to educational evaluations, including from outside agencies and counselors
  • Manages, supervises, and coordinates the educational referral and testing process, including managing teacher evaluations and communication with outside agencies, counselors, and school families
  • keeps the Head of School informed of events, programs, and issues within area; 
  • and fulfills all duties and responsibilities assigned. 


With respect to counseling in the school community, the School Counselor:

  • serves as a member of the threat assessment team and the crisis response team
  • coordinates programs and resources related to mental wellness for the school community
  • listens to students’ and parents’ concerns about academic, emotional or social problems
  • helps students process their problems and plan goals and action steps 
  • is available to provide guidance, counsel, and care to students, faculty, and parents; 
  • provides limited counseling consultation for students, faculty members, or parents. 
  • provide students, faculty, and families with appropriate professional resources and referrals; 
  • holds in confidence all referrals and maintains a record of referral.



With respect to professionalism: 

  • maintains an appropriate and professional distance from students and families of St. George Episcopal School; 
  • refrains from discussing the St. George community or school in an inappropriate or negative manner; 
  • maintains the appropriate degree of confidentiality; 
  • maintains professional business attire; 
  • exudes and maintains a professional and welcoming attitude; 
  • meets or exceeds performance standards and general expectations as defined in the St. George Faculty and Staff Handbook. 


With respect to general obligations: 

  • serves in accordance with the principles and expectations published in the St. George Episcopal School Faculty and Staff Handbook; 
  • maintains regular personal attendance; 
  • reports emergency absence from school in a timely manner;
  • posts a copy of all emergency drill procedures and escape routes;
  • checks mailbox, voice mail and email on a regular basis and responds appropriately and in a timely manner; 
  • follows specific policies and procedures within the appropriate division.
  • Teaches classes as assigned.