Three distinct bodies work together to set governing policy for St. George. They are the school’s administration (as represented by our head of school), a school board made up of parents and community members who are chosen by election, and the St. George Episcopal Church’s Vestry. The democratic nature of this arrangement allows for a range of perspectives and voices to be heard during the decision-making process and is an important mechanism for achieving consensus on issues that affect the entire St. George community.

School Board

  • Mr. Lindsay Blanton, President
  • Mr. Jeff Bizon, Vice-President
  • Mr. Rajeev Puri, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Michelle Matthews–Kasson, Secretary
  • Mrs. Tiffanie Clausewitz, Member
  • Mr. Bradley Warr, Member
  • Mrs. Cynthia Klint
  • Mr. Joe Garza, Member
  • Mrs. Susan Alwais, Senior Warden
  • Mr.  Rob Devlin, Head of School
  • The Reverend Ramiro E. López, Rector

Church Vestry

  • The Rev’d Ram Lopez, Rector
  • Susan Alwais, Senior Warden
  • Frank Minard, Junior Warden
  • Alyssa Rogers, Clerk
  • Andy Stokes, Treasurer
  • David Draeger
  • Lindsey Finklea
  • Meg Grant
  • Cathryn Grigsby
  • Mike Holmes
  • Jason Keller
  • Arden McLean
  • Molly Miller
  • Genevieve Sugalski
  • Alana Woods