Your gift to the St. George Fund allows us to offer an education that holds students to the highest standards and prepares them for success in High School and beyond. It helps us recruit and retain outstanding faculty, offer financial aid to deserving young scholars, and fund programs in the arts, athletics, community service and technology.

St. George Episcopal School’s tradition of partnership – financial as well as educational – is one of the many things that makes our school community special. Thanks to the help of friends like you, SGES is a place where students can can be met at their level, pushed to reach their potential, and develop a love for lifetime learning.

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What is the St. George Fund?

The St. George Fund is the single most important fundraising effort at St. George Episcopal School each year. Because of your generous gifts to the St. George Fund, St. George has been able to keep yearly tuition increases 1-2% below average market increases.

The things that make SGES such an engaging place for children to learn and develop—personal attention from dedicated teachers, an engaging curriculum, arts and athletics at all grade levels—depend on The St. George Fund. Because the need is great, every member of the school community is asked to contribute to the St. George Fund each year. We are grateful for the generous, continued support of current and former families, grandparents, alumni, SGEC Vestry, SGES Board of Directors, and faculty/staff. Each year we seek 100% participation from current families, faculty/Staff, SGEC Vestry and SGES Board of Trustees.

Why doesn’t SGES just raise tuition?

Part of our mission is making a St. George education available to the most diverse, qualified students who seek an Episcopal education. Raising tuition would mean that many families would be unable to send their children to St. George Episcopal School. The St. George Fund allows parents to pay for a portion of education expenses and the entire community to support the school through tax-deductible donations. This practice helps fulfill our school’s mission while maintaining our commitment to building an inclusive community.

Why is St. George Fund participation so important?

High levels of participation demonstrate our community’s strength and shared commitment to our students. We are grateful for the generous and enthusiastic support of our entire community and strive for 100% participation from current families and faculty/staff each year. Every gift makes a difference to our students.

How much should I contribute?

We encourage you to make a meaningful gift, in keeping with personal circumstances and reflective of the value of a St. George education to your family. Every gift is important in terms of reaching our overall goals. We will be delighted with any gift you can make, as it demonstrates your commitment to and confidence in St. George Episcopal School.

Please contact Michael Zeigler, Director of Marketing and Advancement, at to find out how your participation can make a difference. Our faculty, administration, and students thank you for your generous support!


St. George 17-18 Annual Report