Daily Chapel

St. George Episcopal School values a living spirituality that includes regular worship, accepts each person as a unique child of God, develops self discipline, responsibility and integrity, and encourages service to others. Daily chapel is one way we practice these ideas in the life of the community and reaffirm our faith on an ongoing, daily basis.

Kindergarten, lower school, and middle school each attend their own daily service, which is conducted in a manner that is age-appropriate for each group of students. We enjoy a strong, positive relationship with our parent congregation, St. George Episcopal Church. In keeping with Episcopalian tradition, we welcome all students without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, or background. In fact, only 20% of our students come from Episcopalian families.

Sacred Studies

Students in Kindergarten and Lower School participate in a weekly Sacred Studies class. Lessons build on the weekly scripture introduced each Monday morning in Chapel. Middle School students participate in a more in-depth class that examines scriptural relevancy to contemporary topics. Students are challenged to apply critical thinking and mature communication skills to group conversations and respectful debates.