At St. George, we believe that a strong foundation in the values of citizenship and service empowers students to make a difference at school, at home, and in their future communities. To promote these values, students are given the opportunity to participate in variety of programs that include presenting gifts to Santa for distribution to needy families at Christmas, supporting the students at St. Benoit, our sister school in Haiti, and membership in the St. George chapter of the Beta club, a national service organization for middle-school students. Service to others is also promoted on a daily basis as part of the example set for students by teachers. For lower-school students, service focuses on home and family. For middle-school students, the focus shifts to service in the community.
The strong emphasis on community service at St. George teaches students teamwork and respect for others. Not only does this create an environment where bullying and other disruptive behavior is minimized, it lays a cornerstone for success that serves students as they move forward to meet future challenges in life.