Affording St. George

St. George Episcopal School is committed to developing cultural competence, creating awareness, and building a diverse and inclusive community.

Everyone is valued for their unique qualities by enhancing the entire student body through a broad social and economic mix.

Families who feel they cannot afford the full tuition cost are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Financial aid is not a loan but a gift. Each year, we gift aid to an average of 25% of our student population. When determining a family’s eligibility for aid, St. George Episcopal School utilizes the third party tool called ISM FAST to gather and evaluate each financial aid application. A student application must be on file in order to apply, and families need to reapply each school year.

The processes of determining admission and financial aid are separate, and evaluations are completed via two different committees. The Financial Aid Committee maintains strict confidentiality regarding financial aid decisions. The School trusts that the family will keep the same discretion regarding awards and decisions.

Click here to apply for Financial Aid.


Tuition listed below does not include the annual non-refundable $1,050 for deposit and fees. Payment plans are available.

Junior and Senior Kindergarten $10,900
Lower School (Grades 1-5) $12,400
Middle School (Grades 6-8) $13,750