Middle School

The St. George Middle School prepares sixth through eighth graders for the most demanding high school programs in the region.

We blend traditional curriculum and innovative learning activities within a structured setting, helping students to balance freedom and responsibility as they navigate the exciting passage into young adulthood. Within the context of our academically accelerated program, teachers impart the principles of integrity, courtesy, and service to others through classroom instruction and group projects. This combination of advanced academics with character-building provides the foundation for later success in high school, college, and beyond.

Grade Level Curriculum Overviews

The following curriculum overviews give a more in-depth look at each grade level’s essential academic material.

6th Grade Overview
7th Grade Overview
8th Grade Overview


Students study a variety of classic and modern novels, plays, short stories, and poems while studying the classical roots of the English language. This deliberate study of the history of language enables students to make learned attempts at understanding the application of today’s English language in the world around us. Our program gives students the opportunities to develop public speaking and presentation skills, and to hone and practice the craft of writing. Students graduate from the St. George Middle School with a solid foundation in expository, persuasive, and creative writing.

The St. George Middle School mathematics program focuses on the basic operations and properties of real numbers, data analysis, linear equations, graphing, problem solving, functions, deductive reasoning, basic geometry, and measurement on a plane and in space. Growth mindset, collaboration, critical thinking, perseverance, and communication serve as keystones throughout the classes. Through multiple modalities students grow in conceptual understanding, problem solving, and skill application. The program provides students with appropriate, enriched, and intellectually-challenging learning experiences. The following core mathematics classes are offered in middle school: 6th and 7th Mathematics Honors, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Pre-AP Algebra 1. In addition, a high school Geometry course is offered to highly-qualified students during their 8th grade year.

At St. George, our middle school science curriculum promotes scientific inquiry by engaging students to ask important questions as they investigate scientific phenomena and processes in everyday life and real-world situations. We encourage students to work collaboratively, model processes, collect data, and use evidence to communicate their findings. Students practice writing in science throughout the year in a variety of different settings, including formal tasks like research papers and CER (Claims/Evidence/Reasoning) science conclusions that allow students to communicate their research and findings. The content covered in each grade level from sixth through eighth includes topics from earth science, life science, and physical science. Student understanding should spiral and grow as the concepts build throughout middle school to provide a solid foundation as students transition to high school.

Using a variety of resources beyond the texts, students grow in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to continually learn about the world and its peoples, the complex themes of social studies and history, and the practices of good citizenship. The history department uses a variety of rich primary and secondary source materials to enhance student learning.

Students in the sixth grade study ancient civilizations and cultures. Societies selected for study represent different regions of the world: Mesopotamia, Fertile Crescent, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, and Medieval Europe. Students will study geographical information as well as technological advancements for each civilization. During a student’s seventh grade year, we teach Texas History. The class covers the 12 regions of Texas and each of those region's uniqueness and importance to the state. We discuss how humans found their way to the region we call Texas, and how Spain influenced the growth and development of the territory. We cover Moses Austin's first vision of creating colonies through Sam Houston’s victory that led to Texas gaining its independence. We also discuss annexation to the United States and how Texans have responded to the crisis and issues that have faced Texas since its annexation in 1845. Eighth grade students study the history of the United States from the early colonial period through World War II (approximately). It is a very broad overview of the geography, history, and the beginning of government in the United States. Students analyze the various economic factors that influenced the development of colonial America and the early years of the Republic. They also examine the founding American beliefs and principles, including limited government, checks and balances, federalism, separation of powers, and individual rights reflected in the U.S. Constitution. Eighth graders evaluate the impact of wars, influential figures, reform movements, and various Supreme Court cases. They study the rights and responsibilities of citizens of the United States as well as the importance of effective leadership in a democratic society. In order for students to experience firsthand the history of our country and the workings of our government, eighth graders may opt to take an educational trip to the Washington, D.C. area at the end of the school year.

St. George middle schoolers take Spanish four days per week. The Spanish program focuses on learning vocabulary and grammar centered around specific daily activities that students can relate to in their own lives. In order to spark our students’ curiosity regarding the broader world, our program also focuses on cultural aspects of several Spanish-speaking countries, giving the students the opportunity to learn, compare, and relate to different cultures. During sixth and seventh grades our students will cover high school Spanish 1 and, in the eighth grade, they will begin with HS Spanish 2. Most graduates are placed in Honors Spanish 1 or move on directly to Spanish 2. Our students also place in the top percentiles on the National Spanish Exam, which is an annual assessment for seventh and eighth graders.

Our Middle School Sacred Studies classes engage sixth grade students in a study of the stories and structure of the Old Testament and lead seventh grade students in significant study of the New Testament respectively. Students develop strong Biblical literacy skills and an understanding of the Hebrew and Judeo-Christian scriptures’ impact on various cultures. Eighth grade students examine spiritual formation through a study of ethics, philosophy, theological terminology, and world religions. Sacred Studies classes at St. George are created purposely to create spaces for authentic learning, healthy discussion, and the empowerment of one’s own faith development.

Co-Curriculars/Middle School Electives/Clubs

Our middle school fine arts offerings allow our students the chance to experience a wide array of opportunities to grow their personal expression and artistic style. Students survey Music and Visual Arts in the sixth grade and then choose their arts electives in the seventh and eighth grades. Our elective offerings have included electronic music studio applications, visual arts portfolio building, drama exploration, and speech development. Our extracurricular offerings in the fine arts include theater tech and design as well as the opportunity to study privately with one of our private music instructors in voice, piano, strings, guitar, and percussion.

Students experience many opportunities for leadership and communication development on the St. George campus. In our class offering, students have the opportunity to experience, consider, and discuss ideas from some notable leaders, communicators, and thinkers. In addition, students may hone their own leadership and communication skills through public-speaking exercises. We provide further leadership and public speaking and presentation opportunities in academic classrooms, daily chapel, and through our school’s Beta Club.

The physical education program at St. George is a positive and safe environment that encourages students to be movers who challenge themselves to live into their full potential.

The use of technology in the classroom supports and enhances all areas of the curriculum and is used as the basis for developing skills that support learning, personal productivity, and decision-making in daily life while also developing real-world skills necessary in continuing education. Technology’s benefits best emerge when integrated into project-based curricular activities that further higher-level thinking skills. The following skills are incorporated into classroom activities: 1) gathering of information, 2) problem solving, 3) communicating knowledge, and 4) safe and ethical use of technology. Innovation, collaboration, and exploration are key components of the St. George technology program.

Sixth graders take a co-curricular course to support their use of technology in the classroom, and continue to develop coding skills they learned in lower school.

Seventh and eighth grade students are able to delve deeper into technology through our elective course offerings. Through these electives students can focus on coding, design process, 3D design and printing, app development, web design, robotics, and video editing.

The St. George chapter of The National Beta Club is an organization that promotes academic achievement, leadership, personal character, and service. All active members of the Beta Club participate in at least two select community-based service projects each year, and most club members perform additional community service work for family and friends, for members of their local community, as well as for regional, national and worldwide charitable organizations and others in need. The National Beta Club hosts events throughout the year that promotes leadership development in students. Middle School students who wish to be a member of the St. George Beta Club must be in good standing academically and behaviorally and must maintain these standards in order to remain an active member. The National Beta Club is an organization that allows students to compete through state and national conventions that showcase competitions for students in academics, robotics, engineering, and the arts. St. George middle schoolers have traditionally placed very well in state and national competitions in all fields.

Activities & Special Events

  • Middle School Dances
  • Adopt A Needy Family Christmas Gift-Giving Event
  • Science Fair
  • “Le Marché" Entrepreneurship Event
  • Chain of Love “Team Domino”
  • Middle School Olympics
  • Seder Meal
  • Beta Club Mentoring Program
  • Beta Club State Convention in Dallas
  • Beta Club Leadership Summit in the Fall
  • Beta Club National Convention in the Summer
  • Middle School Musical
  • Rue De St. George Visual Arts Showcase
  • Middle School Swim Day
  • Greekfest
  • Tom Sawyer Day
  • Holocaust Museum Visit
  • Team-Building Field Trip
  • Welcome to America! (Ellis Island Project)
  • Washington, D.C. Trip