Head of School’s Welcome

Welcome to St. George Episcopal School

What started as a highly regarded preschool program has evolved over the last 60+ years into a leading PK-8 private school serving students throughout the larger San Antonio area.

At St. George, our mission is to provide “exceptional academic preparation in an inclusive Christian community that fosters love and respect for God, self, and others.” By creating an environment that embraces the collision of faith and reason, we endeavor to ultimately “positively impact society by empowering learners with wisdom, courage, and faith.”

Although the “essence” of the St. George family is best understood through direct experience, the following statements offer a glimpse into what makes the Community of St. George special.

At St. George, we help students seek wisdom by ENGAGING the intellect.

At St. George, we encourage students to discover courage by CHALLENGING convention and taking risks.

At St. George, we allow students to deepen faith by SERVING others.

St. George is a place where “Ah-ha!” meets “Amen!”

Our rigorous academic program is built upon a foundation of faith.

St. George is a place where PUSH comes to LOVE.

Talented and caring teachers challenge students to achieve at a high level and to serve with humility and compassion.

You are invited to come and explore and experience St. George Episcopal School for yourself. We look forward to seeing you!


Rob Devlin, Head of St. George School