History, Mission & Values

Our Vision

St. George Episcopal School empowers servant leaders with wisdom, courage, faith, and love to make a positive impact locally and globally.

Our Mission

St. George Episcopal School provides exceptional academic, physical, creative, and spiritual development in an inclusive Christian community that cultivates love, service, curiosity, and respect for God, self, and others.

Our History


St. George Episcopal School was founded as the Pilgrim School. The first classes, held at the Pilgrim Congregational Church, were kindergarten classes for children ages three to five years old. That initial choice to focus on the formative years of education is the same one we make today. Because children’s cognitive abilities and patterns are most easily influenced and molded between age four and puberty, concentration on this core age group is vital.

Under the visionary leadership provided by our founding director, Mrs. Margie Boggus, the Pilgrim School prospered and, in time, needed more space.


The elders of St. George Church invited the Pilgrim School to make its home at St. George. Eventually, St. George added a middle school and expanded many of its programs.


Head of School Chuck Raymer and Rector Rev. Raymond Cole dedicate a new lower school building in honor of beloved St. George teacher, administrator, and early visionary Carolyn Greer. The community of St. George also unveiled the Building Our Future campaign which ultimately provided a much needed facilities expansion now known as the Richards Family Learning Center.


St. George Episcopal School benefited from forty years of leadership from its founding director, Mrs. Margie Boggus.  Building on that strong foundation, the leaders who followed added a middle school and expanded programs.  In 2005, Robert Devlin was hired as Head of School and Rev. Ram Lopez was appointed Rector of St. George Church. Working together they built on the legacy of quality education and Christian values that is the core strength of St. George School, and lead the community into the next chapters of helping families in the pursuit of wisdom, courage and faith for their children.


The Seeds of the Future capital campaign was launched with great excitement across the community. The project was designed to serve students, the church and school staff, as well as after school groups and ministries. New buildings, flexible work spaces, the redesign of the campus to ensure a safe environment for all community members were among the chief benefits of the initiative.

In 2013, Devlin and Lopez were joined by Bishops Gary Lillibridge and David Reed from the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, the School Board, Vestry and St. George families, for a ceremonial groundbreaking of the new project.


In August, the new St. George Church and School campus was officially opened. The St. George Community celebrated the long-awaited blessing of a beautiful, secure campus and buildings with flexible learning spaces and high-tech teaching and communication resources.


To address the need for additional fine arts performance space in the school, as well as the need for an updated and versatile gathering area for the church and school, the Parish Hall was reimagined and renovated.


Recognizing the need for environments which allow and encourage students to follow their natural curiosity and wonder about our world, the community of St. George launches the
a capital improvement project designed to help students become tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.

The new ICE Cube facility provides an updated library space as well as multiple flexible learning spaces to encourage students to think creatively (innovate), work cooperatively (collaborate), and search for solutions (explore).