St. George Episcopal School values a living spirituality that includes regular worship, accepts each person as a unique child of God, develops self-discipline, responsibility and integrity, and encourages service to others.

Daily Chapel

Through a foundation of daily chapel services, our community reaffirms our faith each day. Our three daily chapel services in our lower and middle school use a liturgy and style that is crafted to support worship for the grades that are participating during these sacred times. One of the most outward and visible signs of our Episcopal identity is seen in our daily worship and is reflective of our lasting mission together with our parent congregation, St. George Episcopal Church. Honoring our Episcopal Identity, we welcome students from all races, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds.

Sacred Studies

In the lower schools, "family time" is often used to build on and explore the weekly scripture themes introduced each Monday morning in Chapel. Our middle school sacred studies classes engage sixth grade students in a study of the stories and structure of the Old Testament and lead seventh grade students in significant study of the New Testament respectively. Students develop strong Biblical literacy skills and an understanding of Hebrew and Judeo-Christian scriptures’ impact in various cultures. Eighth grade students examine spiritual formation through a study of ethics, philosophy, theological terminology, and world religions. Sacred studies classes at St. George are created purposely to create spaces for authentic learning and the empowerment of one’s own faith development.