St. George Academics:
Rigor. Tradition. Innovation.

Since our founding in 1954, St. George has stayed true to our core values of exceptional academic preparation offered in an inclusive Christian community that fosters love and respect for God, self, and others. Our rigorous academic programs feature a continuum of traditional and innovative learning experiences that challenge students to think, learn, and act.

Our Learning Continuum

In the early years, instruction and teacher-guided experiences are centered around traditional academic principles that provide a solid foundation for expanded problem solving and high-order reasoning as our students develop and grow.

As children mature academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually, they are also introduced to opportunities for collaboration and exploration that challenge and hone essential communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills, preparing them for an ever-changing and evolving global environment.

While it is ideal for children to enter the St. George program in their Jr. Kindergarten year to maximize their growth and learning, students entering in Kindergarten, First grade, and beyond are quickly assimilated into the St. George learning community by teachers and their peers.

Laying the foundation

The St. George program is rigorous, accelerated, and student-centered. It serves a variety of learning styles, encourages the development of leadership skills, and is designed to support and nurture the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth and development of each student. At St. George, our emphasis is on providing an excellent education for students who are focused and motivated to learn. St. George teachers are skilled at meeting students where they are in order to optimize learning and growth for every child.