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Ross Michael Mery

TMI Episcopal, 2003

United States Merchant Marine Academy, 2008

B.S. in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation

Ross Michael Mery

St. George Class of 1999

Master Mariner - The highest grade of qualification awarded in the Maritime Industry.

Ross has received the Unlimited Masters License – it is the highest grade of qualification awarded in the Maritime Industry; namely, a Master Mariner. This honor was accomplished at just 30 years of age. Ross has piloted vessels up and down the Mississippi River and taken the largest ships in the world across oceans to over 50 countries.

Ross is a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy Reserve and Strategic Sealift Officer assisting in joint naval-maritime activities and providing for emergency crewing of sealift ships and shoreside support to Navy commands requiring unique maritime expertise.

Ross is Owner/Founder of RCM Maritime. RCM Maritime is a Maritime training facility that provides all levels of certification, license, and document study courses for professional mariners, commercial shipping companies, marine corporations, the military, and vessel management firms.

“A student attends St. George at such a crucial time in their personal development. The years you are at St. George shape who will you be as an adult. When you are surrounded by other like-minded, high-character and moral students, it forces you to become the best version of yourself. St. George provides that high quality education and environment, and it’s what makes attending the school so special.”