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April 10, 2024


What is the ICE Cube?

Today more than ever, students need environments which allow and encourage them to follow their natural curiosity and wonder about our world. In order to become tomorrow’s innovators and leaders, children need to be given time, resources, and opportunities to tackle real world obstacles as critical thinkers.  The ability to solve problems is a process that can be honed as students engage with diverse challenges.

In order to address these needs, St. George Episcopal School has developed and continues to refine a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) program that encourages students to think creatively (innovate), work cooperatively (collaborate), and search for solutions (explore). 

The St. George STEAM program

  • sparks children’s enthusiasm for learning by posing open-ended, interdisciplinary problems to be solved.
  • encourages intellectual curiosity by encouraging students to follow their own interests and explore their passions.
  • teaches kids to embrace their failures and use them as launching points for deeper discovery and innovation.
  • prepares kids for tomorrow by teaching them to utilize today’s technology to craft innovative solutions.
  • fosters creativity and teaches students to go beyond the expected.