St. George Academics: Rigor. Tradition. Innovation.

Since 1954 we have stayed true to our core beliefs of preparing students for productive experiences in high school and beyond, through a progressive continuum of rigorous academics and related experiences that transition from traditional in nature in the early years, to one of innovation from fifth grade throughout middle school.

Laying The Foundation

At St. George, our emphasis is on providing quality education to students who are focused and motivated to learn. Because we are able to select our student body from a pool of well-qualified applicants, we can offer a better educational experience than if we tried to be all things to all students. Consequently, our classrooms are filled with students with similar levels of ability and commitment. This allows teachers to present material at a faster pace and in greater depth than would be otherwise possible. Therefore, St. George teachers are free to meet their students where they are, and help take them as far as they can go.  As a result, all students benefit from an accelerated schedule.

St. George’s program is student-centered. It accommodates a variety of learning styles, encourages the development of leadership skills, and supports and nurtures each person in the pursuit of individual goals. Whenever needed, teachers recommend appropriate supplementary resources for students to help them achieve their goals.

Lower School

The Lower School serves students from four years old to fifth grade. Our junior and senior kindergarteners receive a strong start to their academic careers with a combination of traditional learning and creative exploration. First, second, and third graders build solid educational foundations in reading, math, language arts, social studies, and science. Our explicit phonics approach, in combination with the Shurley Method ensures that students develop a thorough understanding of reading and grammar. Having established this foundation of skills and knowledge, our fourth and fifth graders are ready to develop more abstract thinking skills. They are allowed to work independently to encourage self-reliance and in small groups to develop collaboration skills. Music, art, Spanish, sacred studies, physical education, and computer skills are integral parts of the Lower School curriculum. At each grade level, our teachers work to foster personal confidence and a true sense of family among students.

Middle School

St. George prepares sixth through eighth graders for the most demanding high school programs in the region. We blend traditional curriculum with innovative learning activities within a structured setting, helping students to balance freedom and responsibility as they navigate the exciting passage into young adulthood. Within the context of our academically accelerated program, teachers impart the principles of integrity, courtesy, and service to others through classroom instruction and group projects. This combination of advanced academics with character building provides the foundation for later success in high school, college, and beyond.

Preparing Students for the Future

Our academic program has a proven record of producing students who are well prepared for the challenges of high school, college, and beyond. That’s why some of the best private high schools in the area look to St. George to fill the ranks of their entering freshmen class and why our graduates routinely excel in their later studies. There are several reasons for this: One is that our exceptional team of highly qualified, deeply committed teachers bring both passion and compassion to the classroom. Another reason is because we keep student-to-teacher ratios low, teachers are not overburdened, and students receive the individualized attention they need to help them succeed.

Helping Students Define Success

While the world teaches us that success is defined by money, fame and material possessions, the St. George Community defines success quite differently.

To truly recognize students for their unique strengths and talents, we acknowledge and communicate that success does not look the same for every child. We reward positive character traits, innovation and creativity, kindness, optimism and the willingness to try just as much as we reward getting the right answers on a test. While we do have a grading system, we don’t believe that test grades are the only measure of success in the classroom.

Redefining success, and helping our students measure-up to that definition positively influences their self-esteem, and helps them develop the resilience they will need in high school, college and life beyond.