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1st Grade Teacher

Kendra Lopez


Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi
Bachelor of Arts in Communications, 1991

DelMar College, 1986-1988
Corpus Christi State University, 1988-1989
Southwest Texas State University, 1989-1990
Undergraduate study in Communications and Theatre Arts

Year Appointed:



Why St. George?

“I am a strong advocate of Episcopal School Education. St. George, in my opinion, is the best in the area. First grade is absolutely where my heart is and I love learning from my students on a daily basis! My family is strongly involved in the life of St. George Church and School. Not only are we active members of the Church, both of our sons are St. George alumni. The first words that comes to mind when I think of SGES are ‘Family’ and ‘Home’. This is truly a place where one can feel safe to grow in all aspects of ‘Wisdom, Courage, and Faith’.”